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in the light

02/ about the album

I decided to create this album to give an insight into, the light of my mind, through my passion for music, singing and storytelling. It is an honour to share my thoughts through these songs, reflecting my journey so far as an artist and my empowerment as a young woman. The tracks chosen, resonate with me, for lots of different reasons, some celebrating key moments in my career, others because they speak to my feelings and thoughts.
Collectively they convey Strength, Love, Challenge, Desire, Aspiration. Additionally, this album includes an original track “The Light That You Are” that I wrote, delving into moments of lack of self-worth despite the accolades and how much light they shine. The last few years have been difficult on artists around the world, but it has reminded me, of the importance and impact of Music, Songs and the art form I love and the joy it can bring. Connecting with the audience means the world to me and I hope this album impacts them as much as telling these stories impact me.

Courtney Monsma 

03/ thankyou

Firstly I must thank my Family and extended family who’s continual support has led me to be where I am today,
Megan, Michael, Emily, Corey, Jake Cropley  and my amazing partner Zane Powell.
My Beloved teachers and mentors at NAPA Gold Coast and Griffith Queensland Conservatorium. My guiding hand and wonderful Agent Peta Webb. This album would not have been possible without the support and encouragement from all at Disney Theatrical Group my Frozen family, especially Thomas Schumacher and Paula Mckinnon. Jemma Rix, for being my sister on stage and off, a mentor and friend and agreeing to sing with me.
Louise Withers and Linda Bewick and all the Queendom, who have supported and encouraged me .
Creating ‘In the Light’ has be a joy and that is because the team I had are amazing and collectively worked with me to make something special, James Kempster, Dominic Woodhead all the musicians.
Finally my EP and friend Troy, you help me step into the light and fly.

"one day you'll look in and realise the light that you are"